Changes are coming to the Daily Weather Map!

Beginning December 29, 2002, there will be some changes made to the way the Daily Weather Map is printed and distributed.  While the contents will remain unchanged, there will be more options for subscribers who will be able to choose to receive paper or electronic versions, or both. While the electronic version will continue to show the same basic charts, they will be enhanced by color.

The Daily Weather Map will be produced and made available in the following formats:

Paper copy through the mail - $75 per year

This option is similar to the current version.  Subscribers will receive a paper copy in the mail each week with four maps for each day -- surface analysis, 500 mb chart, maximum and minimum temperature, and 24 hour precipitation.  The charts will be monochromatic and there will be no color background map.  The size of the publication will be reduced to a more standard 8½ by 11 inches.  In order to preserve detail with this reduced size, the publication will be expanded from 8 to 16 pages.  The surface analysis will appear on one page, and the other three charts will be on a facing page.

On CD - $75 per year

The electronic version of the Daily Weather Map will be available on CD via subscription.  The electronic version is similar to the print version, except the charts will be in color.  The files will be in HTML and will be viewable through a Web browser. The CD will also contain the .pdf files used to prepare the print version. The CDs will be issued four times per year and each will contain three months of Daily Weather Maps.

Via the Web - Free

The most recent versions of the Daily Weather Map will be available on the web.  The contents and format of the Web based Daily Weather Map will be identical to that provided on CD.  The Web version is intended to supplement the CD by providing access to the Daily Weather Map issues not yet available via CD.  For long term archiving, customers should subscribe to the paper or CD version.

Examples of the new versions of the Daily Weather Map are available on the Web.

CD Version  -  This version will be available on the Web for free and on CD by subscription.  Only the most recent few months will be available on the Web.

Example of the color .pdf available for free on the Web.

Example of the monochrome printed version available by subscription. 

Current subscribers will automatically receive the paper copies until the subscription expires.

For information on subscriptions please contact: NNDC/NCDC, P.O. Box 70169, Chicago, IL 60673-0169 or call their toll free number (866) 742-3322. For information on content contact WPC at 301-763-8000 Extension 7354, or click here to send us an e-mail.

Last updated November 27, 2002