5.  Pictures of HPC Operations and Events
HPC Senior Branch Forecaster Erich Wolf preparing a quantitative precipitation forecast on N-AWIPS.

Surface Analyst Frank Pereira using an N-AWIPS workstation to prepare a surface analysis.  In the background, Science and Operations Officer Pete Manousos (right) provides training to African Desk Coordinator Wassila Thiaw with the Climate Prediction Center.

Jerry Delaney lends a hand in removing the AFOS equipment following its decommissioning on October 19, 2000.  (Photograph by Jim Hoke)

The former and current NCEP Directors listen intently on October 27, 2000, as HPC Director Jim Hoke, with scissors in hand, explains the fine points of ribbon cutting.

Proud group of NWS staff members receive the Gold Medal from senior Department of Commerce and NOAA leadership.  Pictured from left to right are Secretary of Commerce Norman Mineta, NOAA Administrator D. James Baker, Southeast RFC Hydrologic Analysis and Support forecaster Ruth Aiken, WFO Wilmington (NC) Meteorologist-in-Charge Richard Anthony, WFO Raleigh (NC) MIC Stephen Harned, HPC Deputy Director Kevin McCarthy, WFO Wakefield (VA) Hydrometeorological Technician Richard Curry, WFO Newport (NC) MIC Thomas Kriehn, and Deputy Secretary of Commerce Robert Mallett.  (Department of Commerce photograph)