NCEP Synergy Meeting Highlights: January 13, 2014


This meeting was led by Wallace Hogsett (WPC) and attended by Keith Brill (WPC); Becky Cosgrove (NCO); Vera Gerald, Stephen Barry, Eric Rogers, Geoff DiMego, John Derber, Yuejian Zhu, Jun Du, and Mary Hart (EMC); Kathy Gilbert (MDL); Andy Dean, Steve Weiss, and Israel Jirak (SPC); Joe Sienkiewicz (OPC); Richard Pasch (NHC); David Bright, Ben Schwedler, and Steve Silberberg (AWC); Jeff Waldstreicher and David Radell (ER); Jeff Craven (CR); Bill Ward (PR); Andy Edman (WR); Bernard Meisner (SR); John Kelley (NOS); Becky Baltes


1.                            NOTES FROM NCO (Becky Cosgrove)


- In December, global RTOFS model was implemented and is now on SBN.

- The RTMA and RAP 30-day parallels have ended, and NCO is expecting feedback now.

- Directorís briefing for the RTMA is scheduled for January 27th. RTMA implementation is scheduled for January 28th, but may be delayed.

- Although RAP 30-day has ended, NCO will run a 30-day stability test to ensure no more model failures. RAP implementation will occur February 25th.

- RAP will not include ceiling height data (see TIN), because something is wrong with the data.  

- NCO requests that all users focus evaluation efforts on the SREF now, which restarted this week. The SREF implementation, including dataflow to NOAAPORT, will occur on Wednesday, February 26th. SREF fields on SBN include accumulated total precip and 2-m temperatures. It is on 32-km Lambert grid, with 3-hourly data to 87 hours.

- Next implementation is the NAEFS, which is tentatively scheduled for March 18th, with the evaluation starting in 2-3 weeks.


2.              NOTES FROM EMC

2a. Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch (GCWMB) (John Derber)


- The 13km GFS is on track for Q4, and the GEFS will come in Q1 2015 at 35km resolution.


2b. Mesoscale Modeling Branch (MMB) (Geoff DiMego)


- The high-res windows are on schedule, with the ARW going to 3.4km, and the NMMB replacing the NMM. NMMB will be initialized from the RAP, adding compared to the NAM nest.

- Preemption during hurricane season after the upgrade will have to be discussed further, as the higher resolution after the upgrade will leave less room on supercomputer.

- The NAM upgrade is looking good; scheduled for Q3. Upgrades include better details for severe storms, assimilation (including radar assimilation via the RAP methodology).

- Next quarter is the HRRR. HRRR code has been handed off from GSD to EMC, but it will be a number of weeks before itís ready for NCO.

- RTMA/URMA is a big player in the Sandy Blender Project, but it wonít be perfect.


2c. Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) (Vera Gerald)


No report.


3.              NATIONAL OCEAN SERVICE (NOS, Aijun Zhang):


Waiting on official parallel testing for SF Bay. NCO is now ready for code fix, and the evaluation should begin soon.




4a. MDL (Kathy Gilbert):


MDL has three upcoming implementations:

- Probabilistic storm surge (contact Arthur Taylor) will hopefully go in before this season

- Convection/LAMP TIN is out for March 11 implementation.

- New GMOS grids, including probabilistic winter ptype and predominant weather. DRG action to get these routed to SBN.


MDL needs retro runs for the NAM. EMC is running it on Zeus and hopes to have a month or more, but they need to know which month to run (probably warm season). GFS retro runs will start at the end of this month.


4b. NCEP Centers and NWS Regions


Weather Prediction Center (WPC, Wallace Hogsett): No report.


Storm Prediction Center (SPC, Israel Jirak): No report.


National Hurricane Center (NHC, Richard Pasch): NHC needs to discuss retro cases with EMC, because the 2012-13 seasons were not good. May need to go back earlier. EMC is planning on running 2011-13.


Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC, no representative):


Ocean Prediction Center (OPC, Joe Sienkiewicz): No report.


Aviation Weather Center (AWC, Steve Silberberg): No report.


Pacific Region (PR, Bill Ward): Need to catch up with NCO on getting HWRF on SBN, and some issues with Monterrey.


Alaska Region (AR, no representative): No report.


Eastern Region (ER, Jeff Waldstreicher): Nothing to report.


Western Region (WR, Andy Edman):


Southern Region (SR, Bernard Meisner): No report


Central Region (CR, Jeff Craven):


5.              NESDIS (no representative):


The next Synergy Meeting will be held at 2:30 pm EST on Monday, February 24 2014 in NCWCP conference room 2890, with remote teleconferencing capability.