NCEP Synergy Meeting Highlights: April 7, 2014


This meeting was led by Wallace Hogsett (WPC) and attended by Keith Brill (WPC); Becky Cosgrove, Chris Caruso-Magee, and Robbie Evans (NCO); Hendrik Tolman, Stephen Barry, Geoff DiMego, John Derber, and Mary Hart (EMC); Kathy Gilbert (MDL); Joe Sienkiewicz (OPC); Steve Silberberg (AWC); Brian Miretzky (ER); Jeff Craven (CR); Andy Edman (WR); Bob Ballard (Honolulu)


1.  NOTES FROM NCO (Chris Caruso-Magee and Becky Cosgrove)


Upcoming implementations:

NCO will continue the effort to discontinue legacy grids and text products. WR, with other regions, is trying to revamp the grids for GFS.



2a. Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch (GCWMB) (John Derber)


For the upcoming GFS implementation, EMC is basically finished with all changes, except for a few bug fixes and some downstream code. EMC is running retrospective tests, but staying real-time is problematic due to computer issues. Results from the new GFS are generally positive and encouraging, though not as positive as we had hoped. Hurricane tracks are reasonable, slightly positive.


2b. Mesoscale Modeling Branch (MMB) (Geoff DiMego)


Work for upcoming implementations:


2c. Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) (Hendrik Tolman)


Wave ensemble is moving along. It can fit in the original slot, so earlier discussions to delay are off the table. Expect big improvements and much better guidance. NCO is getting close to a 30day evaluation, and OPC and NHC are ready to evaluate. Next big job is a Navy upgrade to global HYCOM; EMC will upgrade with them in lockstep when they’re ready (Q3? Q4). There will be several improvements, including to the model. Next time the initialization won’t be linked to anyone. Ice will use GEFS and not GFS, but only mean will be output.


3.                NATIONAL OCEAN SERVICE (NOS, Aijun Zhang):


No report.



4a. MDL (Kathy Gilbert):


Precipitation type, convection, and predominant weather grids will be implemented this week. MDL is still dependent on the development computer for ECMWF MOS (both deterministic and ensemble) and extended range grids for days 8-10. MOS team is working to adjust for NAM/GFS upgrades. MDL is also working on calibrated guidance for the blender project. MDL also working to move the ECMWF products to production for the next implementation, but that likely won’t happen until the end of this year or beyond.


4b. NCEP Centers and NWS Regions


Weather Prediction Center (WPC, Wallace Hogsett): Nothing to report.

Storm Prediction Center (SPC, Israel Jirak): Nothing to report.

National Hurricane Center (NHC, no representative):

Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC, no representative):

Ocean Prediction Center (OPC, Joe Sienkiewicz): Nothing to report.

Aviation Weather Center (AWC, Steve Silberberg): Nothing to report.

Pacific Region (PR, no representative):

Alaska Region (AR, no representative):

Eastern Region (ER, Brian Miretzky): Nothing to report.

Western Region (WR, Andy Edman): Nothing to report.

Southern Region (SR, no representative):

Central Region (CR, Jeff Craven):  No report


5.              NESDIS (no representative):

The next Synergy Meeting will be held (tentatively) at 2:30 pm EST on Monday, May 12 2014, in NCWCP conference room 2890, with remote teleconferencing capability.