EMC/HPC/MPC/NCO/CPC synergy meeting highlights 05/28/02

This meeting was led by Peter Manousos and followed a generic agenda denoted by the subtitles below. Attendees included Hua-Lu Pan, Steve Tracton, Dave Michaud, Bill Bua, Stephen Jascourt, Jim Hoke, Jun Du, Pete Caplan, Maxine Brown, Larry Burroughs, Kevin McCarthy, Ed Danaher, and Keith Brill.


Dave Michaud and Maxine Brown reported that timing tests of the Global Model running at T254 resolution will be conducted May 29, 2002. The tests are conducted in order to optimize the configuration of the jobs run on the SP. Since the model running at higher resolution will require more resources to run, there is an anticipated delay of around 15 minutes for 12z Global model output through forecast hour 84. It is unclear if this will affect when Eta output for forecast hours 60-84 will be available. Complicating the picture is an emergency fix for the Eta model which requires slightly increased computer resources (physics subroutines will be called more frequently to prevent blow-up of near-surface temperatures). The entire B side of the SP will required to run this test to determine these items.

2. Notes from EMC

a. Global Modeling Group: Hua-Lu reported that CAFTI approved of the T254 implementation for the Global Model in mid April. A preliminary draft Technical Procedures Bulletin on the implementation has been composed by Pete Caplan and is available at http://sgi62.wwb.noaa.gov:8080/tpb97/TPB02/html/v1.html . It is expected that the model will become operational by mid July.

b. Mesoscale Modeling Group: The Mesoscale Group was not attending at this time.


c. Global Ensembles: Hua-Lu reported that the algorithm to relocate tropical systems in each member of the global EPS will NOT be included with the T254 implementation. Since it is a minor change however, it will be implemented when this algorithm is ready. Otherwise, no other items to report.

d. Short Range Ensembles: Steve Tracton and Jun-Du reported that they submitted a “Job Implementation Form” in mid April to upgrade the SREF system to include 5 additional Eta members using the Kain/Frisch convective parameterization scheme. It is expected that these 5 additional Eta members will be included in the output routinely sometime in June. Testing of adding 5 RUC members to the SREF continues at FSL and is progressing. It is expected that the SREF group will be able to routinely obtain RUC members from FSL for evaluation purposes this fall. 

e. Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) - Larry Burroughs reported the E-N PAC wave model was implemented April 30th. It is planned that by mid July the northern boundary of the model will be moved even further north to near 62 deg N and the model kernel will be converted to Fortran 90 code. The A temporary fix to the Hurricane Wave Model has been made (to use AVN winds) as it is currently unable to accept output from the GFDL. MMAB group also wanted it noted that the wave model output is not available yet on AWIPS via the D2D interface.


3. Input to EMC from Operational Centers

No significant items to report.


4. Next Meeting Proposed Monday June 25th, 2002 at noon in room 209.