NCEP Synergy Meeting Highlights: August 30, 2010


This meeting was led by David Novak (HPC) and attended by Geoff Dimego (EMC); John Ward (EMC); Chad Cary (EMC); Eric Rogers (EMC); Mary Hart (EMC); Joe Carr (NCO); Kelly Malone (NCO); Kathy Gilbert (MDL); Stephen Jascourt (UCAR/COMET); Steve Weiss (SPC); Andy Dean (SPC); David Bright (AWC); Steve Silberberg (AWC); Jason Levit (AWC); Ed Danaher (HPC); Keith Brill (HPC); Joe Sienkiewicz (OPC); Bill Ward (PR); Ken Pomeroy (WR); Bernard Meisner (SR); Jeff Waldstreicher; David Radell (ER), and Brian Miretzky (ER)


1. NCO (Chris Caruso Magee)



2.5 km RTMA CONUS upgrade is in a 30 day parallel evaluation and is scheduled for implementation September 28. This RTMA will be run separate from the 5 km RTMA. RTMA-Guam is going in as well and the shift in the Hawaii NDFD grid in RTMA-Hawaii and NAM-DNG is planned to go in later that same week.


Global Hycom

RFCs have been submitted for the Global Hycom.


Hurricane Wave Model.

Final bug fixes are being made prior to starting a parallel.


Gridded LAMP

A parallel for Gridded LAMP ceiling and visibility products is scheduled to start September 28.


Great Lakes Operational Forecast System Wave Model.

NOS has indicated they would like to move the system from parallel to production. This move is expected in the next 1-2 months.


Air Quality

Air Quality products for Alaska and Hawaii are expected to be moved from parallel into production September 14.


A package for downscaling NAEFS sensible weather elements for Alaska is pending other major items in NCO’s queue.


For the latest schedule updates see:




(Chad Cary)


Presentation given regarding the CCS planed utilization during the next two years. After several large planed implementations during FY11, the CCS will be near capacity by Q3FY11. The next computer upgrade is planned for FY14, which represents a two year delay relative to past upgrade cycles. Thus implementations after Q3FY11 must be resource neutral. Alternative options are being explored, including off-site research and development computing, later delivery time of  real-time parallels so they can run during non-peak hours, and flexibility in delivery times of operational products. Overall, the situation is serious and every effort is being made to mitigate the impact to the extent possible.




3a. MDL (Kathy Gilbert)

A parallel for Gridded LAMP ceiling and visibility products is scheduled to start September 28.



3b. NCEP Centers and NWS Regions


SPC – Important to let community know of the CCS situation to allow planning.


AWC – Expressed support for implementation of the HRRR. Operational implementation of the HRRR is currently beyond planned computing resources until after FY14.


SR – GFS warm bias seems to be diminishing. May be regime dependent. John Ward noted additional changes to the GFS might be ready for implementation sometime in  the next 4 months that include addressing the warm bias.  How these changes are worked into the implementation schedule in FY11 are TBD.


4. The next Synergy Meeting will be held at 2:30 pm EDT on Monday, September 27, 2010 in room 209, with remote teleconferencing capability.