NCEP Synergy Meeting Highlights: September 30, 2013

This meeting was led by Wallace Hogsett (WPC) and attended by Keith Brill (WPC); Chris Caruso Magee and Becky Cosgrove (NCO); Vera Gerald, Stephen Barry, and Mary Hart (EMC); Kathy Gilbert (MDL); Steve Weiss and Israel Jirak (SPC); Steve Silberberg (AWC); Jeff Waldstreicher (ER); Bill Ward (PR); Jeff Craven (CR); Andy Edman (WR); Bernard Meisner (SR); Eugene Petrescu (AR); Aijun Zhang (NOS); Becky Baltes (IOOS); Leslie Rosenfeld (NODC)


1.                            NOTES FROM NCO (Chris Caruso-Magee and Becky Cosgrove)


Everyone in NCO will be exempt from the shutdown. All machines (development and production) are up and running. HPSS and Zeus will also continue running. If developers are not on work status, they canít get on the machine. The SPA team is behaving normally. MDL is non-exempt, so MOS/LAMP may go offline if problems arise and the SPAs canít fix problems. GFDL folks are will be available to help if need-be.


Great Lakes Wave is scheduled for October 22 implementation. MDLís cool season wind equation update and extended-range GFS MOS will be implemented after shutdown. Testing is still needed for the cool season wind equation update (need the cool season to arrive). Real-time testing for cool season wonít begin until after shutdown.


RAP and RTMA are being worked as the next implementations. Work will continue, but no parallels or testing will occur during shutdown. Next up for implementation (Q1) are the SREF and GFS flight level 410 changes for AWC (already tested, but have to wait for TIN, Nov 5). RTOFS Atlantic will occur Q2.


Data issues:

1.      Extension of NAVGEM output to 240h. GEMPAK grids wonít be available for a couple weeks, but data is on WCOSS.

2.      ECMWF: Rather than send all data to AWIPS at the end of the retrieval, we will send it out as we get it. This could be 4-6 week effort (start date undetermined), but it could save ~1hr for the early forecast hours.



2.              NOTES FROM EMC


2a. Global Climate and Weather Modeling Branch (GCWMB) (John Derber)


No report.


2b. Mesoscale Modeling Branch (MMB) (Geoff DiMego)


No report.


2c. Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB) (Vera Gerald)


No report.


3.              NATIONAL OCEAN SERVICE (NOS, Aijun Zhang):


No report.




4a. MDL (Kathy Gilbert):


Sky cover is in the MEX message. We are waiting for feedback from Pacific region for sky/ceiling, as we are seeing some inconsistencies between the sky/ceiling.


Bill Ward (PR) will take a look at it and report back to MDL.


4b. NCEP Centers and NWS Regions


Weather Prediction Center (WPC, Wallace Hogsett): No report.


Storm Prediction Center (SPC, Israel Jirak): No report.


National Hurricane Center (NHC, no representative):


Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC, no representative):


Ocean Prediction Center (OPC, no representative):


Aviation Weather Center (AWC, Steve Silberberg): No report.


Pacific Region (PR, Bill Ward):


Alaska Region (AR, ): No report.


Eastern Region (ER, Jeff Waldstreicher):


Could you send info on the wave model upgrades? Yes, NCO will forward Great Lakes kickoff meeting slides.


Western Region (WR, Andy Edman):


Think about the best way to share the most important information with the field. Whatís new?


Southern Region (SR, Bernard Meisner): No report


Central Region (CR, Jeff Craven):




5.              NESDIS (no representative):


The next Synergy Meeting will be held at 2:30 pm EST on Monday, 4 November 2013 in NCWCP conference room 2890, with remote teleconferencing capability.