NCEP Modeling Synergy Meeting Highlights November 28, 2005


This meeting was led by Bill Bua, and attended by John Ward, Dave Plummer, Geoff Dimego, Jim Hoke, Mary Hart, Keith Brill, Steve Lord, Ed Danaher, Dave Michaud, Regina Nichols (MMB).


1. CCS

John W reported that the operational computer ran with no major problems.  The development computer has run more smoothly than in recent months.  The holiday moratorium starts 13 Dec 2005 and ends 9 January 2006.  The addition of 6 WRF ensemble members is to be put into operations on 6 December after being briefed on 29 November.  SPC/HPC commented on the available parallel runs.  The new HYCOM ocean model is to be implemented 13 December 2005, after briefing on 5 December.  No reviews on the HYCOM parallel have come back as yet.  There may be some small fixes between now and the moratorium too. 



2a. Global Modeling Branch:  Steve Lord announced that Mark Iredell is new branch chief, effective immediately.  The Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation system is looking a bit better, and is expected to generally continue to improve over the next few weeks.  The medium-range ensemble forecast is moving along about as scheduled.  Horizontal diffusion is being added into the new parallel (hybrid) to help with PBL and topography issues.


2b. Mesoscale Modeling Branch (MMB): Geoff DiMego stated the MMB is in the throws of WRF SREF implementation.  HPC gave thumbs sideways (see above), because of difficulty in evaluating via website with no side-by-side comparisons.  HPC wanted more than the current season for evaluation also.  Resources are limited to create graphics (both hardware and people).  HPC is available to provide suggestions for enhancing the graphics for future modeling system evaluations.  Was also a cold-season rerun.  Need to review product generation for ensembles.  Zoltan allowing NAWIPS to do product generation; perhaps NAWIPS should be used to generate side-by-side comparisons (IF the data can be provided in the proper form).  Dave Plummer said all tools should be available to do product generation. 


NAM-WRF is having time issues, and is currently running over about ½ the NAM-Eta’s domain.  We at least know the WRF will fit, but have yet to get it to fit in the full domain. Physical parameterizations are still being tuned, but we should have enough of a base system to establish time benchmarks for testing by NCO. 


2c. Global Ensemble Prediction System:  See above


2d. Short Range Ensemble Prediction System: See above.


2e. Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB):  Nothing new to report.


3. Input to EMC and NCO

Jim Hoke reported for OPC regarding their evaluation of HYCOM.  The results were better than old model, and a positive evaluation from SOO Joe Sienkiewicz is anticipated.  A problem was noted with the handling of the Gulf Stream in the vicinity of Cape Hatteras.  Nevertheless, the HYCOM has established itself as an excellent foundation for next-generation ocean modeling.


4. The next meeting will be held 23 January 2006 at noon in room 209 with remote conference capability.