EMC Synergy Meeting Highlights November 29, 2004


This meeting was led by Peter Manousos and attended by Geoff Dimego, David Michaud, Dave Plummer, John Ward, Kevin Mcarthy, Daniel Pawlak, Keith Brill, Stephen Jascourt, Bill Bua, Joe Sienkiewicz, Mary Hart, and Larry Burroughs.


1. CCS

John Ward reported that the 30 day test is halfway done on the new system “Blue”.  Failover testing will occur between Blue and White with anticipated completion by mid December.  The new system is still anticipated to be declared operational in mid to late January 2005.


2. Notes from EMC

a.     Global Modeling Group: No report.

b.     Mesoscale Modeling Group: The Eta will be called the NAM (North American Mesoscale) model effective January 18. Geoff Dimego reported the final Eta bundle is running in parallel on Blue and will not include the planned overhaul of the radiative transfer parameterizations due to a complex tangle of difficulties (“physics wheel of pain”).  When the NAM-WRF version of NMM is implemented, the Eta 3d-var will be replaced by a regional version of the GSI.  This will be an important step in unifying the global and regional 3DVar.  The Eta transition to the NAM-WRF has been moved from Sept 2005 to March 2006.  The NMM horizontal resolution at that time will be either 10 or 12km.

c.     Global Ensemble Prediction System: Zoltan Toth reported the NAEFS meeting was a success and has instigated the potential involvement by the UkMet Office.

d.     Short Range Ensemble Prediction System: Geoff Dimego reported that the intended upgrade to the SREF system to four runs per day is planned for prior to Sept 2005.  This will include a bias corrected mean and the addition of at least 2 WRF members.  The SREF group is still determining if the upgrade will also include an increase of resolution or an increase in membership.

e.     Marine Modeling and Analysis Branch (MMAB): Larry Burroughs reported that a 10-member WW3 ensemble is now running in parallel mode, and otherwise there has not been much change since the many items announced at the last synergy meeting – refer to Oct 2004 synergy notes for a list of the MMAB ongoing activities.


3. Due to the CCS moratorium and the anticipated operational declaration of the new system of mid January the next meeting will be held Monday Jan 31st, 2004 at noon in room 209.