Hurricane Barbara - August 13-15, 1953

A tropical wave moved through the tropical north Atlantic ocean in early August 1953.  By August 10th, a low
level circulation formed over eastern Cuba on the northern end of the wave axis.  Moving northward to the east
of the Bahamas, the system became a tropical storm on the 11th, and a hurricane on the 12th.  Barbara intensified
into a category 2 hurricane on the 13th as it approached North Carolina.  Moving through the Outer Banks between
Morehead City and Ocracoke, the hurricane began to weaken.  The storm paralleled the Mid-Atlantic and southern
New England coasts on its way towards Atlantic Canada, becoming an extratropical cyclone on the 15th near Nova
Scotia.  The system then hooked northward into eastern Canada on the 16th.  The rainfall maps below for Hurricane
  Barbara were created using rainfall data from the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Barbara (1953) Storm Total Rainfall
Barbara (1953) Storm Total Rainfall Barbara (1953) Storm Total Rainfall