Tropical Storm Brenda - July 27-30, 1960

A weak tropical depression formed offshore western Florida on July 27 around 150 miles offshore of Tampa.
The system had a broad center with light winds, similar to a subtropical cyclone.  Its wind pattern did not tighten
up into a more typical tropical cyclone-like wind field until it reached the Carolinas.  The cyclone strengthened
and sped northeastward up the coastal plain of the Southeast and Mid-Atlantic States before becoming an extratropical
cyclone as it curved northward through New England.  The rainfall graphics below for Brenda used data supplied
by the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina.  The heaviest rainfall fell to the right of its track
as it moved ashore from the Gulf of Mexico, causing considerable flooding in west-central Florida, and shifted left of
the center thereafter as the cyclone transitioned into an extratropical low.

Tropical Storm Brenda (1960) Rainfall Tropical Storm Brenda (1960) Rainfall Tropical Storm Brenda (1960) Rainfall