Tropical Storm Candy - June 22-26, 1968

Candy was the third storm to form in June this season,  An upper low over Texas led to thunderstorm development
across the southern Gulf of Mexico.  By June 22nd, a tropical depression had formed and moved quickly off to
the north-northwest near 20 mph, crossing the Texas coastline on the 23rd.  The cyclone weakened slowly as it
moved through Texas, becoming a frontal wave as it moved through the Midwest.  Tornadoes were spawned
northward into Missouri and later across Ohio.  The system slightly restrengthed as it moved towards the Great
Lakes and weakened as it moved into the northern Mid-Atlantic states.  During its extratropical reintensification,
heavy rains fell across Illinois, northern Indiana, and southern Michigan. The graphics below show the storm
total rainfall for Candy.  Note the maximum near the track of the storm.

Candy (1968) Storm Total Rainfall
Candy (1968) Storm Total Rainfall Candy (1968) Storm Total Rainfall