Hurricane Carla - September 9-15, 1961   

Carla formed in the Caribbean Sea, and moved west-northwest into the Gulf of Mexico while
it developed into a large and powerful hurricane.  It followed the periphery of a subtropical ridge
and curved northward into Matagorda Bay as a major hurricane.  Thereafter, it linked up with a
frontal zone and transitioned into a nontropical low as it sped northeast through the Mid-Mississippi
Valley and the Great Lakes.  Below are the graphics showing the storm total rainfall.  Note how the
 heaviest rain was mainly to the right of the track until it reached north Texas.  Thereafter, the
maximum amounts were concentrated along a frontal band ahead of the cyclone as it
became nontropical.

Carla (1961) Storm Total Rainfall Carla (1961) Storm Total Rainfall Carla (1961) Storm Total Rainfall