Hurricane Caroline - August 26-September 2, 1975

A tropical wave moved offshore western Africa on August 15th.  The system moved west-southwest through
the tropical Atlantic for a couple days, before turning northwest, moving to the northeast of Puerto Rico on the
18th.  On the 22nd and 23rd, the disturbance moved back to the southwest.  Slow development continued, with
the system becoming well-enough organized to be designated a tropical depression on the 24th.  The depression
moved through the southeastern Bahamas and Cuba, briefly weakening below depression status.  By the 27th,
the system redeveloped a closed wind circulation south of western Cuba.  Moving just north of due west, the
depression moved just north of the Yucatan peninsula on the 28th.  By the 29th, the depression strengthened
into a tropical storm about 400 miles east-southeast of Brownsville, Texas, before rapidly strengthening into
a hurricane.  The hurricane moved into northeast Mexico, turning northwest parallel to the Rio Grande before
dissipating as a tropical cyclone on September 1st.

The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Caroline, using data provided by the National Climatic Data
Center in Asheville, North Carolina and the Comision Nacional del Agua, the parent agency of Mexico's national
weather service.

Hurricane Caroline (1975) Rainfaill
Hurricane Caroline (1975) Rainfaill Hurricane Caroline (1975) Rainfaill