Tropical Storm Debbie - September 26-October 1, 1965
A weak tropical depression formed offshore the coast of Honduras on September 24th.  The system moved
across the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico on the 25th, moving into the south-central Gulf of Mexico on the
26th.  The system had remained weak due to its passage over land.  As the depression turned to the north
to north-northeast, strengthening ensued.  By the morning of the 28th, it had developed into a tropical storm.
Cool air behind a frontal boundary to its northeast swept around its western periphery, halting development.
Debbie moved inland along the central Gulf coast during the evening of the 29th before recurving across the
Southeast on the 30th before becoming absorbed by an extratropical cyclone to its north on October 1st.
 The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Debbie.  Data was provided by the National Climatic
Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Debbie (1965) Storm Total Rainfall
Debbie (1965) Storm Total Rainfall Debbie (1965) Storm Total Rainfall