Incipent Stage of Debby - September 12-14, 1982

The system that became Debby moved off the African coast on September 3rd.  The system weakened soon
after moving offshore, and the tropical wave moved westward through the Lesser Antilles on the 11th with
a weak surface circulation.  An upper circulation moved southwest ahead of the system, and the resultant area
of showers and thunderstorms along the wave axis moved northwest through Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin
Islands.  By the 13th, it has developed into a tropical depression just north of the Dominican Republic.  It was
named Tropical Storm Debby the next day, and a hurricane late on the 14th.  Turning northward, the hurricane
moved 80 miles west of Bermuda, with the eyewall just missing the island.  Eventually becoming a major hurricane,
Debby acclerated north-northeast, passing just southeast of Cape Race, Newfoundland on the 18th as a hurricane.
On the morning of the 20th, Debby finally weakened back into a tropical storm and by afternoon had become
absorbed by a major storm over the British Isles.  On the graphic below is the storm total rainfall for Debby. 
Data was provided by the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina.
Debby (1982) Rainfall Debby (1982) Rainfall Debby (1982) Rainfall