Tropical Storm Dolly - August 9-11, 1968

A tropical wave emerged from the coast of Africa on July 31st.  The system moved through the tropical
North Atlantic with little development, until it interacted with a retrograding upper level low on August
9th.  During that night, the center of the new tropical depression moved inland into the Gold coast,
emerging back offshore into the Atlantic near Cape Canaveral on the afternoon of the 10th, guided by
an approaching upper level trough and cold front.  The system paralleled the coast of the Carolinas
for the following couple of days, becoming a tropical storm southeast of Cape Hatteras.  Dolly later
developed into a hurricane later on the 12th while crossing the North Atlantic shipping lanes, but only
briefly, becoming a tropical storm once more on the 13th.  Moving quickly to the east-northeast, Dolly
evolved into an extratropical cyclone north of the Azores on the 16th.  Below is a storm total rainfall
map for Dolly, using data from the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Tropical Storm Dolly (1968) Rainfall Tropical Storm Dolly (1968) Rainfall Tropical Storm Dolly (1968) Rainfall