Hurricane Doreen - August 12-18, 1977

Doreen strengthened into a minimal hurricane as it moved along the coast of Baja California on August 14th,
It weakened into a tropical storm due to decreasing sea surface temperatures and land interaction.  Doreen
continued moving north-northwest, moving into the coastal waters of California as a tropical depression.  A
disturbance swinging around its south and east side moved into the Desert southwest.  Severe flooding occurred
in Yuma county and around Bullhead City in Arizona, as well as California's Imperial Valley.  The graphics
below show the storm total rainfall for Doreen.  Data to create these maps was obtained from the National
Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina and the Comision Nacional del Agua, Mexico's national weather
Hurricane Doreen (1977) Rainfall Hurricane Doreen (1977) Rainfall Hurricane Doreen (1977) Rainfall