Hurricane Hazel - October 15, 1954

Passing through the southern Windward Islands as a well-developed hurricane on October 5th, the cyclone
passed just north of Grenada moving west-northwest.  On the night of the 9th/10th, a deep trough developed
in the eastern United States, and Hazel turned northward, passing through the Windward Channel into the
southeast Bahamas on October 13.  Slowly curving to the north-northwest, Hazel struck North Carolina
on the morning of the 15th.  Moving rapidly through the western Washington, D.C. suburbs into Ontario,
Hazel retained hurricane-force winds as it became a non-tropical low.  Heavy rains fell on its western side,
along an approaching frontal zone.  Below is the rainfall graphic for Hazel, created by Paul Kocin.
Hurricane Hazel (1954) Rainfall