Hurricane Henri - September 12-22, 1979

A tropical wave moved offshore the western African coast.  Moving into the extreme northwest Caribbean
sea on the 14th, the system organized into a tropical depression near Cozumel.  The system moved westward
south of a high pressure system.  As it turned to the southwest on the 16th, Henri intensified into a tropical
storm.  Gaining hurricane strength on the 17th, Henri turned northwest as the ridge to its northwest weakened.
Embedded with a large cyclonic envelope, the storm's motion became erratic.  After peaking in intensity, the
cyclone weakened as Mexico restricted its main inflow and a new cyclone formed near the Texas coast.  Henri
regained tropical depression status on the 19th.  The system moved east to northeastward, without regaining
thunderstorm activity near its center.  By the 24th, Henri joined up with a frontal zone, becoming a weak
extratropical low.  Below is a track of the storm, created by the National Hurricane Center.  Below are
the storm total rainfall maps for Henri, using data provided by the National Climatic Data Center.

Hurricane Henri (1979) Rainfall Hurricane Henri (1979) Rainfall Hurricane Henri (1979) Rainfall