Hurricane Henriette  - September 1-7, 1995

A tropical wave emerged off the coast of Africa on August 15th.  It moved uneventfully across the tropical
Atlantic and Caribbean Sea, reaching the eastern Pacific on the 29th.  Deep convection formed near the wave
axis which spurred the development of a surface low.  The system became a tropical depression on September
1st while only 150 miles offshore Mexico.  Paralleling the coast of mainland Mexico, the system moved
northwest becoming a tropical storm on the 2nd and a hurricane on the 3rd while closing to 100 miles off the
coast of Puerto Vallarta.  Turning more westward, Henriette struck the extreme southern tip of Baja California
midday on the 4th as a category two hurricane.  After clearing Baja California, Henriette continued westward
into cooler waters, and its convection eventually ceased by the 7th.  The resulting swirl of low clouds continued
westward to about 900 miles off the coast of Baja California.  Below is its track, provided by the National
Hurricane Center.

Henriette (1995) Track

Rainfall information for Mexico was obtained from the Comision Nacional del Agua, the parent
agency of Mexico's national weather service.

Henriette (1995) Storm Total Rainfall
Henriette (1995) Storm Total Rainfall Henriette (1995) Storm Total Rainfall