Tropical Storm Howard - August 12-18, 1986
A tropical wave crossed Belize and southeast Mexico during mid-August as its convective organization
slowly increased. The system moved offshore southern Mexico south of Acapulco on August 15th.
As it moved west-northwest, it became well-enough organized to be considered a tropical depression
on the morning of the 16th. By afternoon, the system increased to tropical storm strength. As an upper
trough deepened west of Mexico, Howard turned more northwesterly, moving south and southwest of
Baja California. Howard weakened as it moved into cooler waters, and dissipated as a tropical cyclone
on the 18th. Below are its associated rainfall graphics, using data provided by the Comision Nacional
del Agua, the parent agency of Mexico's national weather service. The heaviest rainfall occurred in
southeast Mexico before the system became a tropical cyclone.
Howard (1986) Rainfall Howard (1986) Rainfall Howard (1986) Rainfall