Hurricane Jeanne - November 8-12, 1980  

Jeanne was a rare November tropical cyclone which became a hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico.   A weak
tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on October 26th.  It crossed the Atlantic Basin without further
development until it neared Central America.  The system organized into a tropical depression on November
8th and moved northward into the Yucatan channel.  Becoming a tropical storm, the system turned westward
as it encountered ridging to its north.  By the morning of the 11th, Jeanne had become a hurricane.  Record-
breaking rains were witnessed at Key West the following day, when 23.28" of rain fell between the early
morning of the 12th and 13th, with 13.58" falling in a six-hour period.   This rain occurred as Jeanne's
inflow band intersected a stationary front in that vicinity.  Jeanne continued westward, weakening back into
a tropical storm on the evening of the 12th and eventually stalled a couple hundred miles offshore southern
Texas.  A cold front moved through the northwest Gulf on the 14th, and Jeanne subsequently weakened
into a tropical depression.  By the 16th,  Jeanne became a frontal wave.  Below is a map of the storm total
rainfall related to Jeanne in Florida, constructed using data from the National Climatic Data Center in
Asheville, NC.

Hurricane Jeanne (1980) Rainfall Hurricane Jeanne (1980) Rainfall Hurricane Jeanne (1980) Rainfall