Hurricane Jenny - October 30-November 2, 1961   

A surface trough of low pressure formed in the far eastern Caribbean sea on October 30th.  At the
apex of this trough a tropical depression formed near the Leeward Islands, which moved north-
northeast ahead of an upper level trough.  The system zigzagged east, then west between November
3rd and 6th as high latitude blocking stopped its northward progress.  Moving westward, Jenny
strengthened into a tropical storm and hurricane well east of Bermuda in the central North Atlantic.
Recurving to the northeast on the 7th, Jenny weakened back into a tropical storm before transitioning
into an extratropical cyclone on the 8th while moving slowly northeast towards the Azores.  Below
are the storm total graphics for Puerto Rico from Jenny (the U. S. Virgin Islands data was unavailable.)
Rainfall amounts were compiled from the archives of the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville,
North Carolina.

Jenny (1961) Storm Total Rainfall Jenny (1961) Storm Total Rainfall Jenny (1961) Storm Total Rainfall