Tropical Storm Julio - September 23-27, 2002

Julio formed from a disturbed area of weather near the southwest Mexican coast.  The area first developed
on the 21st, possibly in response to Hurricane Isidore's approach to the Yucatan peninsula.  A poorly-defined
low level center formed on the afternoon of the 23rd.  The system became better organized into a tropical
depression late on the 24th about 175 miles southwest of Acapulco.  The depression strengthened as it moved
northward, becoming a tropical storm on the morning of the 25th.  Maximum sustained winds increased to
45 mph just prior to its landfall west-northwest of Lazaro Cardenas.  The system moved along the coastal
mountains, dissipating by the morning of the 26th.  Below is a track of the storm, created by the National
Hurricane Center.

Julio (2002) Track

The rainfall graphics below use data supplied by the Comision Nacional del Agua, parent agency of the Mexican
National Weather Service.  The heavier amounts fell to the right of Julio's track.  According to press reports, 100
homes in Acapulco and Zihuatanejo were damaged by flash flooding.

Iselle (2002) Storm Total Rainfall
Julio (2002) Storm Total Rainfall Julio (2002) Storm Total Rainfall