Tropical Storm Katrina - October 28-November 1, 1999

A cold front dropped down into the western Caribbean Sea on October 22.  A broad area of low pressure
formed over much of the Caribbean thereafter, with thunderstorm activity concentrated across the southwest
Caribbean Sea on October 27 just north of Panama.  By the next day, the system had become a tropical depression,
and on the afternoon of the 29th, Katrina became a tropical storm before its landfall in Nicaragua.  The tropical
depression moved though Nicaragua, Honduras, a sliver of the northwest Caribbean Sea, and the Yucatan
peninsula over the next few days before dissipating just shy of the Gulf of Mexico on November 1 near a
strong cold front.  Below is its track, supplied by the National Hurricane Center.
Katrina (1999) Track

The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Katrina, which used information from the Comision del
Agua, which contains Mexico's National Weather Service. 
Katrina (1999) Rainfall
Katrina (1999) Rainfall Katrina (1999) Rainfall