Precursor to Kendra - October 22-27, 1978

A tropical wave moved off the African coast on October 15th and reached the eastern Caribbean sea on the 21st.
A disturbed area of weather developed in conjunction with this wave across the eastern Caribbean, which magnified
as an old frontal zone slipped in from the north.  These systems led to significant rainfall across Puerto Rico in particular
is this area slowly progressed northwest.  One death was reported, and damages totalled $6 million (1978 dollars).
 The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Juliet.  Data was provided by the National Climatic Data Center
in Asheville, North Carolina.
Kendra (1978) Storm Total Rainfall
Kendra (1978) Storm Total Rainfall Kendra (1978) Storm Total Rainfall

As the system emerged into the southwest Atlantic, it organized further into a tropical depression east of the Bahamas,
a tropical storm late on the 28th, and a hurricane on the afternoon of the 29th.  The system recurved east of the United
States as it encountered the main belt of the Westerlies.  By late on the 30th, upper level wind shear stripped the deep
convection away from the center.  This weakened the cyclone into a tropical storm that evening, and a tropical depression
later that night.  The low held on and continued moving northeast, developing into a baroclinic cyclone off the East coast.
An extratropical cyclone over the northeast Atlantic eventually absorbed this low in early November.