Hurricane Marilyn - September 14-18, 1995

A tropical wave moved off the west coast of Africa on September 7th and 8th, accompanied with a large low to
mid-level circulation, but little thunderstorm activity.  The system progressed westward through the tropical
Atlantic, and deep convection formed near the circulation on the 12th.  Now a tropical depression, the cyclone
moved west-northwest and strengthened quickly, becoming a tropical storm early on the 13th and a hurricane
that evening.  Moving towards a weakness in the west-central Atlantic, the system moved more northwestward
as it moved through the northeast Caribbean.  The center passed just north of Barbados and Martinique before
moving over Dominica and southwest of Guadeloupe.  As a strengthening category 2 hurricane, Marilyn moved
through the U.S. Virgin Islands late on the 15th.  Hail was noted at this time near its center, which is unusual for
tropical cyclones.  Its eyewall passed directly over St. Thomas and east of Puerto Rico into the southwest Atlantic.
Marilyn ultimately strengthened into a category 3 hurricane as it turned northward towards Bermuda.  A combination
of vertical wind shear and cool waters previously upwelled by Hurricane Luis caused Marilyn to weaken late on the
17th and early on the 18th.  Moving north-northeast, the hurricane passed about 150 miles west of Bermuda.
Vertical wind shear increased, which partially exposed its low level center late on the 21st.  Considered
extratropical when convection no longer existed near the center on the 22nd, Marilyn meandered for another 10
days before becoming absorbed into an approaching frontal system on October 1st.  Its track lies below,
provided by the National Hurricane Center.

  Marilyn (1995) Track

Below are the storm total rainfall maps for Marilyn.  Rainfall information was obtained from the National Climatic
Data Center (for Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) and the National Hurricane Center Tropical Cyclone
Report on this storm.

Marilyn (1995) Rainfall
Marilyn (1995) Rainfall Marilyn (1995) Rainfall