Hurricane Odile - September 16-24, 1984

A tropical disturbance was noted about 160 miles south of Acapulco on September 16th.  Moving west, the
system developed into a tropical depression by noon on the 17th.  The cyclone began to curve more towards
the north to the west of a narrow ridge located over southern Mexico and south of an upper cyclone over
northern Mexico.  By the afternoon of the 19th, Odile had become a hurricane while turning east.   By late on
the 21st, it reached its peak intensity as it approached Acapulco.  As an upper level trough dug southward over
Baja California, Odile turned back to the west-northwest just offshore mainland Mexico.  Its center made landfall
about 50 miles northwest of Zihuatanejo on the morning of the 22nd.  While its surface circulation rapidly weakened
over the mountains, its cloud pattern moved northwest to the east of Manzanillo before weakening as it recurved
towards Texas.  The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Odile.  Data was provided by the Comision
Nacional del Agua, parent agency of the Mexican national weather service.   Note the maximum east of the point of

Odile (1984) Storm Total Rainfall

Odile (1984) Storm Total Rainfall Odile (1984) Storm Total Rainfall