Tropical Storm Olaf - September 27-October 2
and October 10-16, 1997

A tropical wave crossed Central America on September 22nd.  Moving very slowly to the west, a tropical
disturbance developed across the Gulf of Tehuantepec as a strong upper low moved southwest from the Gulf
of Mexico into the eastern Pacific to its west.  By the morning of the 26th, a tropical depression had organized,
which strengthened into a tropical storm soon afterwards.  The upper low to its west steered Olaf northward into
the coast of the Mexican Isthmus, where it weakened into a tropical depression.  The depression moved westward
back offshore the Mexican coast by October 5.  Moving westward for the next few days, Hurricane Pauline, a larger
cyclone, moved around Olaf's eastern periphery into southern Mexico.  This led to Olaf turning back to the east
for the next few days, before turning northward into the coast of Mexico near Manzanillo on the 12th.  Below is
the track for Olaf, courtesy of the National Hurricane Center.
Olaf (1997) Track

The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Olaf.  Between Olaf and Pauline, a significant amount of
rainfall fell across southern Mexico.  Rainfall data was provided by the Comision Nacional del Agua, the parent
agency of Mexico's National Weather Service.

Olaf (1997) Storm Total Rainfall
Olaf (1997) Storm Total Rainfall Olaf (1997) Storm Total Rainfall