Tropical Storm Rosa - November 3-8, 2000

A tropical wave emerged from Africa on October 18.  The wave moved westward, spurring an area of disturbed
weather in the southwest Caribbean Sea during the last few days of October.  It moved westward across Central
America on November 1, and developed further on the 2nd as it moved into the eastern Pacific ocean.  During
the afternoon of the 3rd, it became a tropical depression about 200 miles south of the El Salvador/Guatemala
border.  By the morning of the 5th, it had evolved into a tropical storm.  A mid-level trough over western Mexico
began to turn the cyclone to the north and shear the system from the southwest.  As it was weakening, Rosa made
landfall near Huatulco as a weak tropical storm on the 8th, and dissipated rapidly that morning over the mountains
of southern Mexico.  Below is its track, supplied by the National Hurricane Center.
Rosa (2000) Track

The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Rosa, which used information from the Comision Nacional
del Agua, parent agency of Mexico's National Weather Service.
Tropical Storm Claudette (1979) Rainfall Tropical Storm Claudette (1979) Rainfall Tropical Storm Claudette (1979) Rainfall