Tropical Depression One - June 13-18, 1979

The system was designated as the first tropical depression of the season in real-time, and the second of
the season in post-season analysis.  A tropical wave moved off the coast of Africa on May 30th.  The wave
moved westward, interacting with a stationary trough of low pressure in the western Caribbean on the 11th,
forming a tropical depression.

The depression moved northward, focusing rainfall across Jamaica for two days, which led to upwards of
34 inches of rain for the mountainous country.  The depression then moved northward, moving offshore
Florida and inland into South Carolina.  Moderate to heavy rain fell near its track.  The low weakened at it
moved through the Mid-Atlantic states into New England.  Below are the storm total rainfall maps for the
depression, using data provided by the National Climatic Data Center in Asheville, North Carolina.

Tropical Depression One (1979) Rainfall Tropical Depression One (1979) Rainfall Tropical Depression One (1979) Rainfall