Tropical Depression Two - July 5-12, 2010

A tropical wave moved off the African coast on June 24th.  The system moved westward without development
until moving into the western Caribbean sea on July 3rd.  Showers and thunderstorms increased with the wave axis
prior to its movement across the Yucatan peninsula of Mexico.  Once over the Gulf of Mexico, a surface low formed
and was sufficiently well organized convectively to be considered a tropical depression on the evening of the 7th.  The
system moved northwest until just prior to landfall, before turning westward due to a strengthening ridge to its north-
west.  The depression made landfall near Port Isabel, moving across Brownsville on the 8th.  The system resumed a
west-northwest course once it moved across northeast Mexico, stalling southeast of the Big Bend while its surface
circulation dissipated on the 9th.  Over the next few days, its remnant circulation aloft sat and spun in place before
a portion sheared northeast across western Texas while its western section weakened while moving through northwest

Below are the storm total rainfall maps for the depression. The first three use rain guage data provided by data compiled by
the Climatic Prediction Center and CoCoRAHS. The fourth image includes radar-derived information.

Tropical Depression Two (2010) Rainfall Tropical Depression Two (2010) Rainfall Tropical Depression Two (2010) Rainfall Tropical Depression Two (2010) Rainfall