Tropical Depression Eight/Ten- September 24-30, 1994

An area of distubed weather formed in the southwest Caribbean sea on September 19th.  The system moved slowly
northwest.  On the 23rd, it passed along the coast of northeast Honduras.  By the morning of the 24th, the system
had become well enough organized to be considered a tropical depression.  The system turned west, moving across
southern Belize on the afternoon of the 25th.  While the low level center dissipated, disturbed weather remained near
the coast of northern Central America and southeast Mexico, which slowly organized into Tropical Depression 10 on
the 29th, which then moved northward.  The storm total rainfall map below for the tropical depression was constructed
using  data from the National Climatic Data Center.  No attempt was made to separate out the rains from Tropical
Depressions Eight and Ten since they were the same convective system.

T.D. 8 and 10 (1994) Rainfall T.D. 8 and 10 (1994) Rainfall T.D. 8 and 10 (1994) Rainfall