Tropical Depression #17E - September 5-11, 1986
A tropical disturbance moved just offshore southwestern Mexico in early September.  The system moved
west-northwest while slowly developing, becoming a tropical depression around noon on September 8th.
Moving more northwestward, a combination of southwesterly winds aloft and cooling sea surface temperatures
along its track led to its dissipation as a tropical cyclone on the 9th.  The depression helped lead to heavy rainfall
in northwest Mexico, though its core convection did not move ashore Baja California.  Below are the storm total
rainfall graphics associated with this depression.  Rainfall information for Mexico was obtained from the Comision
Nacional del Agua, the parent agency of Mexico's national weather service.

Tropical Depression 17E (1986) Rainfall
Tropical Depression 17E (1986) Rainfall Tropical Depression 17E (1986) Rainfall