Tropical Depression #2E - May 27-June 2, 1986
A large tropical disturbance developed in the southwest Caribbean by early on May 27th.  The system organized
as it moved along the north side of the coast on Honduras before making landfall in southern Belize on the 29th.
The system moved through southern Belize...northern Guatemala...and extreme southeast Mexico before emerging
into the tropical eastern Pacific ocean.  It soon was designated a tropical depression on the 31st and drifted slowly
westward.  On June 1st, the remnant disturbance moved across the Mexican isthmus and then along the Gulf coast
of Vera Cruz state before becoming a remnant low on the 2nd.  Rainfall information for Mexico was obtained from
the Comision Nacional del Agua, the parent agency of Mexico's national weather service.

Tropical Depression 2E (1986) Rainfall
Tropical Depression 2E (1986) Rainfall Tropical Depression 2E (1986) Rainfall