Selected Cities and Travelers Forecast

Selected Cities

Description Product
Part 1 (Abeline, TX - Columbus, OH) AFOS_SCS9/ WMO FPUS20 KWBC
Part 2 (Concord, NH - Lexington, KY) AFOS_SCS10/ WMO FPUS21 KWBC
Part 3 (Lincoln, NE - St. Thomas, V.I.) AFOS_SCS11/ WMO FPUS22 KWBC
Part 4 (Salem, OR - Yuma, AZ) AFOS_SCS12/ WMO FPUS23 KWBC

About Selected Cities

The Selected Cities Summary is a highly visible product that is issued two times per day at 0100 and 1300 UTC. It includes a tabular array of the previous day's maximum and minimum temperatures along with temperature and weather forecast for the next two days. The Selected Cities Summary covers 158 cities in the United States, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands. It is composed of four parts with the last part including the observed maximum and minimum temperatures from around the nation. Forecast data is obtained from your CCFs. 

Travelers Forecast

Description Product
Part 1 (Albany, NY - Reno, NV) AFOS TAV12/ WMO FPUS12 KWBC
Part 2 (Salt Lake City, UT - Wash., D.C.) AFOS TAV13/ WMO FPUS13 KWBC
Part 3 (Abbreviated Version) AFOS TAV10/ WMO FPUS10 KWBC

About the Travelers Forecast

The Travelers Forecast Bulletin is an abbreviated version of the Selected Cities Bulletin. The Travelers Forecast, like the Selected Cities is transmitted two times per day, one hour before the Selected Cities, for thirty (30) cities in the U.S. The Travelers Forecast consists of three parts which contain the weather and high and low temperature forecasts extracted from your CCFs.