WPC Products in GIS Format

A subset of WPC's product suite is now provided in a GIS (Geographic Information System) Shapefile format. Products are available for download via the NCEP anonymous FTP server at ftp.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov/shapefiles.

If clicking on the above link does not work, then access can be gained by:

  1. FTPing to ftp.hpc.ncep.noaa.gov
  2. At the "User" prompt, type anonymous
  3. For the password, use your e-mail address
  4. Change directories to "shapefiles" ( cd shapefiles )
At this point, you will see three subdirectories:

The .tar files in each subdirectory contain the required three files (.dbf, .shp, .shx) to import and display using most GIS software packages. Additionally, a fourth file (.prj) is included and provides map projection information in order to align correctly with other geodata files.

For  fop products, the file naming convention is fop_yyyymmdd.tar, where:

For qpf, the file naming convention is ppp_yyyymmddcc.tar, where:

In the day1 subdirectory, the file 93e_2006071100.tar is the second period 6-hour QPF from the July 11th, 2006 00Z cycle (the 6-hour period covering 06-12Z on July 11th).

The file 94q_2006071100.tar is the Day 1 24-hour QPF from the July 11th, 2006 00Z cycle (00Z July 11th through 00Z July 12th).


  1. The Day 4-5 QPF has a four-character product identifier (p48i).
  2. The Day 1-2 QPF's product identifier is day12.
  3. The Day 1-3 QPF's product identifier is day13.

View information about WPC's QPF products, including a more detailed description of valid time periods and file naming conventions.

For winter weather products (in the ww subdirectory), the files are named as follows:

dayx_psnow_gt_nn_yyyymmddcc.tar for snow products. dayx_picez_gt_nn_yyyymmddcc.tar for freezing rain products.
Note:  Separate directories exist for each of the forecast days (day1, day2 and day3).

View information about WPC's winter weather products.