About WPC's Surface Analysis Archive

WPC has begun archiving a selection of United States and North American surface analyses.  A total of eight different versions of the three-hourly analyses are being saved, five depicting analyses over the continental United States (CONUS) and three showing the entire North American domain.  There are two methods to access the images.

For each CONUS analysis and two of the three North American charts (shown as thumbnails on the preceding page), you have the option of creating a three or seven day loop.   The three day loop depicts analyses every three hours; the seven day loop displays analyses at six-hour time intervals in order to reduce loading time.   Due to its size, the zoomed-in version of the North American analysis cannot be easily displayed in a loop and therefore is not depicted by a thumbnail image.

In addition, you can choose individual analyses from the archive utilizing the drop-down menus below the loops.  Population of the archive began on March 30th, 2006, but there may a few missing maps until the archive became operational in early May, 2006.   Note that the sizes of the images individually archived are at their original size;  those in the loops have been reduced in size slightly to fit onto the screen without scrolling.