Surface Fronts
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In addition to High and Low centers, you may see one or more of these eight features on a surface analysis or forecast:

Examples of surface front types

Key to Features
1 -- Cold Front
2 -- Warm Front
3 -- Stationary Front
4 -- Occluded Front
5 -- Trough ("TROF")
         Also used to depict Outflow Boundary ("OUTFLOW BNDRY")
6 -- Squall Line
7 -- Dry Line
8 -- Tropical Wave ("TRPCL WAVE")

A hash mark denotes a change in frontal type, as in the example below. Example of a hash mark

Note: The hash mark will always be drawn perpendicular to the boundaries. They are not drawn at "triple points" (the intersection of an occluded, cold and warm or stationary front) and where a low pressure center separates the different frontal types.