Results of comments on changes to WPC products

From mid October 2001 through January 2002 the WPC asked for your comments concerning some changes being considered to the WPC product suite.  Based on your responses, we made a number of decisions, which are summarized below.

There were 79 comments received.

Those 79 comments were first broken down into 5 categories based on the general comments concerning the changes as a whole:  fully favor changes, generally favor changes, ambiguous or mixed, generally opposed, or opposed.

The results:
Fully or generally favor                     27.8%
Opposed or generally opposed     51.9%
Ambiguous or mixed                        20.3%

We also tabulated the responses for individual components based on the comments.  Some were too vague to tabulate by components, others addressed only some of the components of the proposal so the numbers differ from component to component.

Comments on the proposal to drop the precipitation on the day 1 and 2 progs: 49 comments

In favor         14.3%
Opposed      85.7%

WPC action:  The precipitation on the day 1 and 2 progs will not be dropped.

Comments on the proposal to drop the short range discussion: 20 comments

In favor        30.0%
Opposed     70.0 %

WPC action:  The short range discussion will not be dropped.

Comments on addition of 21 and 09 UTC surface charts: 16 comments

In favor          100.0%
Opposed       0.0%

WPC action:  The two analyses have been added to the WPC product suite.

Comments on replacing day 3 Medium Range Pops and Temperatures with day 3 risk chart: 20 comments

In favor         55.0%
Opposed     45.0%

WPC action:  The day 3 Medium Range Pops and Temperatures will not be replaced by a day 3 risk chart.

We thank those of you who took the time to respond to the survey.  Your feedback helps us provide better service.  If you have any further suggestions on our homepage, please click on Contact Us About Our Products.