About the QPF KML Products

In late May, 2009, WPC began offering its Day 1-3 QPF products in KeyHole Markup Language (KML) format.  Contained within the files are color-filled contours depicting either 6- or 24-hour QPFs. The contour intervals depicted are identical to those for the color-filled images across the rest of our QPF pages.   See an example of a 24-hour forecast in gif image format.   See a 24-hour forecast displayed in Google Earth.

The links on the previous page show the valid times of the most recently available 6- or 24-hour forecasts; in addition there are links to complete Day 1, 2, or 3 forecast packages.  These latter files contain the 24-hour forecast as well as the four 6-hour periods that comprise the 24-hour forecast.   By default, the 24-hour forecast displays when opened, but any or all of the 6-hour periods can be selected.  If you select multiple 6-hour periods, a time line slider bar will appear at the top of the display; with this feature, you can scroll or loop through the forecast periods.

View additional information about WPC's QPF products.