This is an experimental page and should not be considered operational.

This page displays model diagnostics frequently used at NCEP WPC.  It is intended to allow users to see what WPC uses during the winter weather forecast process.  It can also be used to view non winter weather related model diagnostics like QPF.

Important -

The following information corresponds to the selections available on the right hand menu.

AREA: Geographic area images are centered upon

MODEL:  To date the only models that diagnostics are posted on this page are the NAM, GFS, and SREF (mean).    The COMP selection represents images showing comparisons of the NAM, GFS, and SREF.  COMP does not represent an actual model.

DISPLAY TYPE: The manner to display the image as follows -

FHR:  The forecast hour to display data (not valid when a DISPLAY TYPE of Trend or Loop selected)

FIELD: The model diagnostic to display as follows** -

    Standard Diagnostics

    Mositure/Lift/Instability Diagnostics

    Winter Weather Related Diagnostics

    Winter Weather Related Criteria Diagnostics (Composites)

** The model diagnostic is always in the left panel.  All right panels display PMSL in brown, 1000-500mb Thickness in white, and 6hr QPF shaded.