controls = startstop,looprock,speed,step,zoom,refresh,toggle,show,/framelabel pause = 1750 controls_style = padding:5px;flex-flow:row;background-color:#CCCCCC; keep_zoom = true auto_refresh = 10 buttons_style = padding:5px;margin-left:7px;font-family:Arial;font-size:10px;font-weight:900; dwell = 500 toggle_size = 10,10,10 file_of_filenames = conus_fhrloop_files.php?fpdpassed=1&frange=6&type=thresholds controls_tooltip = Start and stop the animation,Switch between regular loop and rock back-and-forth modes,Decrease (-) or Increase (+) Speed,Step backward and forward in the loop,Zoom (left click image to zoom),Refresh the display with current data,Toggle an image on or off by clicking a square (square turns red when image is off),View a single image in a new window (please stop loop animation to activate this feature)