Staff of the Weather Prediction Center

This listing reflects the WPC staff assigned as of April 4, 2016. Participation in this list is voluntary.

Front Office
Director David Novak
Deputy Director Kathy Gilbert
Administrative Officer Crystal Rickett
Secretary Dawn Cyrus
Development and Training Branch
Branch Chief James Nelson
Science and Operations Officer Mark Klein
International Desks Coordinator Michel Davison
Assistant International Desks Coordinator Jose Galvez
Meteorologist Developers Chris Bailey
  Michael Bodner
  Bruce Veenhuis
  Joe Nettesheim
  Alan Robson
Hydrometeorological Testbed Meteorologists Sarah Perfater
  Benjamin Albright
Forecast Operations Branch
Branch Chief Greg Carbin
Senior Branch Forecasters Patrick Burke
  Marc Chenard
  Brian Hurley
  Robert Oravec
  Daniel Petersen
  Michael Schichtel
Forecasters Richard Bann
  Amy Campbell
  Amanda Fanning
  Anthony Fracasso
  Gregg Gallina
  Mary Beth Gerhardt
  David Hamrick
  James Hayes
  Bryan Jackson
  Alex Lamers
  Andrew Orrison
  Richard Otto
  Frank Pereira
  Robert L.M. Rausch
  David Roth
  Brendon Rubin-Oster
  Sean Ryan
  Allison Santorelli
  Paul Ziegenfelder
Surface Analysts Kwan-Yin Kong
  Jennifer Tate
Meteorological Technician William McReynolds
Pathways Student Vacant