HPC Positions for Tropical Depression "Nora"*

*Please note: There is no "official" HPC track of Tropical Depression "Nora" while it was over land. The positions listed here were based on surface observations obtained from the North American Surface Charts, which are made every 3 hours. The times listed are Zulu times. 12Z is equivalent to 8:00 am EDT **Please note: The HPC no longer performs surface analysis at 09Z and 21Z. Therefore, no positions were available at those times.

Friday, September 26, 1997

At 03Z Friday 26 September, 1997, the National Hurricane Center issued its last position for Tropical Depression "Nora".
Official NHC position at 03Z Friday 26 September, 1997: 35.0N 114.7W

At 06Z Friday September 26, 1997, the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center then began tracking Tropical Depression "Nora".
First HPC position at 06Z Friday 26 September, 1997: 36.1N 114.2W

09Z Friday 26 September, 1997
Position not available.**

12Z Friday 26 September, 1997
37.3N 112.2W

At 15Z Friday 26 September, 1997, Tropical Depression "Nora" was dissipated. The low center from the remnants of "Nora" was located at 38.1N 110.7W.

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