Tropical Storm Beryl - August 14-18, 1994

 A large upper level low which developed across the southwest North Atlantic burrowed its way to the surface as
it retrograded westward.  On the morning of the 12th, the surface low was located off the southwest coast of Florida.
The low moved north-northwest and developed into a tropical depression 100 miles south of Pensacola on the morning
of the 14th.  Its forward motion slowed as it neared the Florida panhandle...and the center propagated east parallel to the
coast.  By the morning of the 15th, it had stengthened into a tropical storm to the west-southwest of Appalachicola.

A mid-level trough approached from the west which allowed the cyclone to resume a northerly track.  The cyclone
finally made landfall late on the 15th near Panama City.  As it moved into southwest Georgia, the system weakened
to a tropical depression.  It moved north to northeast along the Appalachians into Pennsylvania, before recurving
east through southern New England.  Below is the track of this storm, provided by the National Hurricane Center.

Beryl (1994) Track

The storm total rainfall maps below were constructed using data from the National Climatic Data Center.

Beryl (1994) Rainfall Beryl (1994) Filled Contour Rainfall
Beryl (1994) Filled Contour Rainfall on White Background

Below are the calendar for Daily Precipitation Maps.  Note that the 24-hour periods end
at 12z that morning.

Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
14 15 16  17  18  19