Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane - August 1933

The disturbance that led to this hurricane was noted a bit to the east of the Windward Islands.  By the 18th,
the cyclone was encountered 900 miles east of Puerto Rico as a tropical storm.  The system recurved towards
the north, and moved within 150 miles of Bermuda as a hurricane.  The cyclone turned back towards the west-
northwest at a slower speed, passing east of Cape Hatteras.  The center passed over Norfolk, Virginia at 9:20 am
on the 23rd, moving onward to Washington, D.C. that evening, and then moved through central Pennsylvania
and down the St. Lawrence Valley.  This hurricane was one of the most severe tropical cyclones to impact
the Mid-Atlantic states.  The rainfall map below for the Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane was
created by Paul Kocin.

Chesapeake-Potomac Hurricane of August 1933