Hurricane Danny - August 12-20, 1985

A tropical wave emerged off the west coast of Africa on July 30th and moved westward, entering
the eastern Caribbean Sea on the 8th of August.  Shower activity increased with the wave on the
10th as it moved through the eastern Caribbean, and a broad low formed by midday on the 10th.
Reconaissance aircraft found a tropical depression on the 12th just west of Grand Cayman Island.
The depression moved northwest, intensifying into a tropical storm on the 13th and a hurricane
on the 14th.  Danny continued to move along a smooth parabolic track, striking just south of
White Lake, Louisiana midday on the 15th with maximum sustained winds of 90 mph.  The
 cyclone initially weakened rapidly into a tropical depression as it entered Mississippi, and the
 well-defined system became a frontal low on the 18th across southern Virginia.  Its track lies
 below, provided by the National Hurricane Center.
Hurricane Danny (1985) Track

Below are the storm total rainfall maps for Danny.  Rainfall information was obtained from the
National Climatic Data Center.  Note the maximum east of the point of landfall in Missisippi,
and a shift of the precipitation to the left of the track as it become a frontal low across Virginia.

Hurricane Danny (1985) Rainfall Hurricane Danny (1985) Rainfall Hurricane Danny (1985) Rainfall