Tropical Storm Felice - September 13-20, 1970

An easterly wave moved into the southeast Gulf of Mexico, forming a low by the morning of September 14th.
By afternoon, the system had strengthened into a tropical storm.  The cyclone moved west-northwest offshore
Louisiana, striking the upper Texas coast east of Galveston during the evening of the 15th.  The low continued
to track inland, and was noted as a well-defined system as it recurved into the state of Oklahoma.  Becoming
extratropical on the 17th in Oklahoma, the surface low associated with Felice tracked east-northeast into the
middle Mississippi valley on the 19th before dissipating.  Below is the track of Felice, supplied by the National
Hurricane Center.

Tropical Storm Felice (1970) Track 

The graphics below show the storm total rainfall for Felice.  The maxima occurred near the track of the

Felice (1970) Storm Total Rainfall

Felice (1970) Storm Total Rainfall Felice (1970) Storm Total Rainfall